• The Job Fair program included 29 speakers spread over two days, with 18 sessions on the first day and 11 introductory lectures and workshops on the second day.

• The sponsors of the Job Fair included 50 companies, government agencies, and private entities. There were 28 exhibition booths set up for these companies and participating entities, and a list was compiled to honor them during their presence at the fair.

• A service and entertainment exhibition was organized under the supervision of the Horus Ambassadors team in the main square of the venue, aimed at serving graduate engineers and fair visitors.

• Various entities and companies collected the resumes of graduates for communication and conducting personal interviews.

• Training and qualification companies offered fully funded scholarships and exclusive discounts, and graduates were registered for them.

• A survey was conducted specifically for the graduates attending the fair to assess their satisfaction with the services provided to them by the college’s quality unit.
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