Strategic Objectives

1. Developing the necessary skills for graduates through organizing training and qualification programs that meet the needs of the job market, while providing them with the latest knowledge in various fields of the job market that align with the different programs of the Faculty of Engineering, Horus University – Egypt.

2. Increasing the employment rate of faculty graduates by maintaining communication with institutions and organizations at the local, regional, and international levels, and updating their requirements.

3. Continuing to do research, studies, and surveys on the requirements of the job market.

4. Consistently organizing the annual job fair, inviting all graduates to contribute to the employment of faculty graduates, directing senior students to participate in order to know about available job opportunities in the job market announced by the unit, as well as during postgraduate studies, and monitoring the employment rates among faculty graduates.

5. Enhancing the sense of belonging of faculty graduates, supporting the of culture of quality assurance, and raising awareness of the importance of performance evaluation at all levels.

6. Enhancing the training skills of graduates by identifying training courses that contribute to and assist in obtaining employment opportunities within the country and abroad.

7. Increasing graduates’ awareness of the importance of their role in improving academic courses.

8. Encouraging community engagement projects between the faculty and specialized entities in various services.

9. Facilitating the exchange of experiences between graduates, students, and the faculty administration, so that the graduate becomes an ambassador for the faculty in the job market.

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